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Earrings @ Itoro Okun brand  ( Nigeria)
Sandals @ Loza Maleombho  brand (Ivory Coast)
Dress @ Nigeria
Location @ Benin Republic

Our Approach

Our  Story

Lara + Zuri was created out of the desire to share gems from Africa with the world.  This desire emerged while our Founder ,Busola, travelled to various African Countries working on Public Health projects. She always came across beautiful fashion and discovered new places and thought to herself others need to see this. She also wanted to help ensure the positive aspects of Africa were not left out of Africa's narrative. This led her to develop an online platform to share her favorite finds from Africa. So that other people, our friends can have access to them from the comfort of their home.

The name "Lara + Zuri" represents two fictional ladies from West and East Africa respectively, exploring the globe and sharing their afro inspired finds with you - their friends. 

Please join us on this journey.

Lara + Zuri

Our Story

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple - treat our clients as our friends. As a result we aim to source, share and sell quality afro inspired products that would keep our friends stylish and satisfied.

On the supply side we want to give afro inspired fashion   businesses an opportunity to enjoy a bigger slice of the multi billion dollar fashion industry.  We believe that we  impact lives positively with each purchase and plan to support health initiatives in the future in impoverished regions around the world.  


Meet the Founder


Busola Phillips


Public health professional with an intense interest in promoting Africa in a positive way.

No matter the infinite flavors of ice cream - Butter Pecan is still her favorite flavor.