LZ Fashion : By Natacha Baco

With Love from Paris – By Natacha Baco is one gorgeous brand made in Paris and  we are so excited to share this brand.  The fashion pieces are clean, exquisite and feminine. The  colorful Dutch Wax Prints fabric otherwise known as Ankara serves as the material of most of the fashion items. If you are looking for unique, customized, well tailored outfits , look no further than by-natachabaco.com.

Enough words, let’s drool over these chic fashion pieces


nice nice twins

backless lz
Fierce!!! LZ loves everything backless 🙂
Sibiti Collection 

Need Light? You can brighten your home with accessories from By Natacha Baco such as the lampshades below.

What are you waiting for, go to www.by-natachabaco.com for more fashion finds and let’s make summer 2017 tres chic 🙂


Lara + Zuri




All pictures courtesy from www.by-natachabaco.com website