LZ Fashion :DENT de MAN

Some say men’s fashion is boring but we have one brand to showcase that is definitely not boring.  LZ Fashion spotlight today is on Dent de Man developed by Ivorian British designer  Alexis Temomanink. The brand name means “tooth of Man” and shares it’s name with a mountain in northwest region of Ivory Coast. Man is actually a market town in Ivory Coast.


Loud – yes and we love it. This brand is for bold personalities. Dent de Man aims to satisfy the avant garde lifestyles of citizens of the world.


Eye candy 🙂

Not sure you can handle a suit, why not break in slowly with separates. They are still stylish but can be subdued when paired with a solid separate.



Go on step out of your comfort zone –  Get a few pieces to  brighten your wardrobe thank us later 🙂

To find out more about this brand,check out their website : www.dentdeman.com

Dent de Man will be making womenswear soon and we can’t wait to see the collection. One thing we know for sure – it will be awesome !!!



Lara + Zuri