LZ Fashion : Loza Maleombho

Loza Maleombho is a unique designer with a distinct fashion style.  She hails from Cote D’Ivoire but credits her early world wide exposure for the eclectic aesthetic and multi-culturalism present in her work. Some of her clothes have been featured in Beyonce’s Formation music video.


Loza Maleombho


The brand was developed in 2009 and is best described as a fusion between traditional cultures/ sub-cultures and contemporary fashion.


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We love Loza Maleombho for not only her style but because by producing in Côte d’Ivoire, she is empowering  women by  hiring  young women and working closely with local artisans on featured products such as Indigo dye fabric, jewelry, shoes and accessories.

What are you waiting for, head over to her website for unique stylish finds www.lozamaleombho.com



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