LZ Fashion : Melia by Jade

We are so excited to share with you all the MeliabyJade brand. We love it because it uses traditional fabrics in a modern way.  

The MeliabyJade brand i​s​ a clothing brand that uses Adire, Tie & Dye, Kampala, Batik to design contemporary outfits such as Shorts, Jackets, Playsuits, Cape dresses, Pants etc for the modern-day woman. The brand is ​known as Wearable African Art because of ​its​ use of Tie & Dye, Batik and Adire. T​he diversity of motifs, colors and dye on the fabrics make them truly works of art​. Jade is the lovely lady behind the MeliabyJade brand.

We met Jade for the first time in Lagos when the founder of Lara + Zuri wanted a unique bridal robe for her upcoming wedding. Jade has an amazing personality and it was such a delight that the person behind the brand we had been stalking was so nice, friendly and customer centric. We are excited to share with you our interview with Jade.



LZ = Lara + Zuri

MJ = MeliabyJade

LZ :  Let’s Start from the very beginning , why did you start Melia by Jade and how did you come up with that name ?

MJ: ​ Melia By Jade started around August 2016. It came from an idea I had in Dec 2015 when a very lovely white lady expressed an interest in an old Adire robe that I had on while on holiday in Dubai. I promised to make a piece and send back to her in the UK…and Melia By Jade basically took flight from me trying to fulfill that promise.

​While researching a name, I came across the Melia…it means feminine beauty. Something ethereal. ​I knew that was the name to go with…


LZ : Nice,  what a thoughtful and appropriate name, we love the meaning of Melia.  What has been the response to your products so far? Any surprises?

MJ:  Response has been AMAZING!!!​ I feel blessed. I am just a small town girl at heart, who loves clothes and loves to look beautiful. The fact that I can turn that passion into a source of income is nothing short of a blessing.


LZ : What has been your most satisfying moment so far in running Melia by Jade ?

MJ :  Lots of them to be honest. ​My first sale…to realize that people will pay for the value my products offer. First time my daughter wrote about me in school with so much pride…”My mum is a designer. She makes Melia By Jade”.  . The compliments I get on my branding, the quality of our finished products, so many satisfying moments really…


Wearable African Art  #summerready


LZ : If you  were to go back in time and advice your younger self what  3 tips would you give her as she enters the fashion business?

MJ:​ I would still give my thirty-something year old self the same advice to be honest

1) What took you so long??????????? 

 2) Don’t be afraid to dream and put yourself out there. Your dreams are valid!!!

3) Be open to change. ​


LZ :  Great tips that we can all adhere to at any age. Who is your favorite Public figure (dead or alive) and why?

​MJ : Oprah Winfrey. First because we share the same birthdate…29th January. Second, because I see so much of myself in her. She is a talker, she is compassionate. She listens. She is fair, firm. She is determined. So many things…​

LZ : What motivates you?

MJ: The happiness I feel when I have a new outfit…a piece that I know is different and unique. ​A conversation starter…a piece that gets me noticed in a roomful of people. I imagine my clients sharing that happiness…that joy of wearing a piece that makes them feel confident, sexy, unique. 

 I am also motivated  by the socio-economic impact of my business on the people I buy fabrics from. My tailors. ​The little things…


Sitting pretty in Melia by Jade  #Afrochic


LZ : Excluding your company, what company or business do you admire the most and why?

MJ : ​ Eclectic Chique. She makes accessories using Ankara. She has managed to ​build a local business that is yet global. That’s my dream.


LZ : When you are not working, what is your favorite thing to do to unwind?

MJ : SPA!!!! Get a massage. EAT. ​


LZ : Where would you like to see Melia by Jade in the next 5 years?

MJ :  A global company with local roots solidly founded here in Nigeria. A brand that has become the Zara of ethnic fabrics…a brand synonymous with great quality, contemporary pieces, that transcend nations. Affordable yet chic.  ​


LZ : Knowing that you are based in Nigeria, can you please share with us 3 places we must visit in Nigeria?

MJ :​ Lagos. There is a special “madness” to Lagos that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. But to be specific…a “buka” in Lagos. The food. the vibe!

​ Any of the beaches in Lagos… Inagbe, Whispering Palms…its just peaceful. A nice contrast to the madness of Lagos, but in Lagos. A few places I haven’t been but plan to…the Ikogosi warm springs, Calabar Carnival.​


LZ : Thank you very much for insights and your time. Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview for our readers. 

MJ:  Thank you for your interest in my business. Please support a small business. Its a lot of passion and heart…and your support makes the world that much brighter for a small business like mine.

LZ : You are welcome. We are Melia by Jade cheerleaders and wish you continued success 🙂 Please follow Melia by Jade on instagram @meliabyjade to see more of her awesome designs that will add colour and style to your wardrobe.  Lastly, we are excited to share that Melia by Jade will be giving you our friends a discount from now till May 20 2018. Simply send her a message on instagram with the code “MJLZ”​ when you place an order.


P.S. Bridal picture taken by @timefrozen2